Die-Cut Honeycomb Board

Die-cut honeycomb board is reliable, versatile and sturdy – three basic requirement of efficient packaging materials. This innovative packaging solution is lightweight and makes an excellent replacement for EPS dividers. The special design is shock-absorbent and provides optimum protection to sensitive products packaged in boxes.

What Is Special about Die-Cut Honeycomb Board?

The die-cut honeycomb board has an inner hexagonal structure sandwiched between two boards. It can be easily cut in any shape and size you need to fir your packaging materials and products.

It is an extremely versatile protective packaging replacement available in several qualities and dimensions:

  • Cell size: 8 mm or 12 m
  • Thicknesses 5, 10, 20, 30 and 40 mm;
  • Maximum length: 1600 mm, 3200 mm;
  • Surface kraftliner material 1×400 g/m2, 2 x 400 g/m2.

Thus, you can find the ideal die-cut honeycomb board for your application, from basic packaging needs to heavy-duty shipping needs.

The die-cut honeycomb board is easy to handle and install in various packaging materials, including The Box. Also, it is 100% recyclable.

We encourage you to contact our packaging consultants to find out more about the die-cut honeycomb board and place your order!

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