Non-cross linked polyethylene foam packaging

Product information

Non-crossed linked polyethylene foam, often simply called EPE or PE foam, is distinguished by closed cells that can be clearly seen and felt under the form of tiny air bubbles of at least 1 mm diameter. Some of the EPE foams are produced with a softer cell structure which offers similar performances to those of traditional cross-linked materials. All packaging composed from these fine cell polyethylene foams provide a reliable scratch protection for highly polished or painted surfaces.

Due to its firmness and schock absorbing features, EPE foam is more suitable for packing products that have a greater robustness and an average or lower fragility, as well as for parts with corners and sharp edges. The balanced ration between elasticity, compression strength and dimensional stability makes the non-cross linked polyethylene foam packaging a high-performing cushioning protection against repeated impacts. Also, it will not break if it is bended and will return to its original shape. The closed inned cells structure offers scratches resistance and maintains its physical properties between large temperature ranges.

We use a wide range of densities, thicknesses, colours and properties to offer you relevant EPE foam protective packaging for your products. We can split, cut, laminate and mill the material with high precision to tightly fit any shape of product, without using additional fixing or protection elements. This will offer your application a maximum space optimisation in handling, storage and transport. Furthermore, due to the low weight and dense consistancy that offers high load capacity, this foam requires a small amount of material usage in the packaging construction and provides important economies throughtout the entire supply chain.

EPE foam can be converted into a wide variety of trays, inlays, compartments and frames that offer increased protection and transport stability for the packed goods. All EPE foam inlays and trays are custom developped with cutouts that faithfully fit the products to be protected. EPE inserts and carved layers are used for positioning and cushioning and can guarantee a considerable number of use cycles in any industry field.

EPE foam packaging frames are intended to absorb the shocks and protect the items against damages during handling and shipping. The frames are cut from single or multi-layer EPE foam planks and can be designed in the form of one piece or several pieces item. The one-piece version can also be provided with specific cut-outs that makes it extandable and thus can adapt to parts of larger sizes. The foam frames made from several pieces can be joined in specific settings from one type parts or different frames that fit together. Due to their cutouts and hinges, these packaging foam cushions can be delivered flat (unmounted) to save space in transport.

EPE foam packaging is a recyclable solution which can contribute to a more sustainable supply chain. We offer it extensively in automotive, electronics and most packaging applications where durability, flexibility and repeated impact resistance are some of the main conditions that must be met. In electronic industry, we employ the pink antistatic version for our ESD EPE foam packaging that are dedicated to pack electronic components and devices.

EPE foam is also available as standard and tailor made extruded profiles (U, L and C type, as well as round shape and specials), edge and corner protections. The standard profiles can be offered in various thicknesses and cut to your own length requirements. We can also develop special profiles based on your application details and restrains. Some of the profiles can be provided with stretching features or V cuts which makes them adaptable to circular and angled products.