Aluminium profile structures

Product information

Whenever you need dollies, racks, workstations or storage shelves that do not fall into the standard shapes and dimensions, Eurobox Logistics offers aluminium profile structures. These profiles are available in lengths ranging from 3 meters to 6 meters and are suitable for any customization.

We can cut them to the desired dimensions, weld, cover with protection or antistatic paint coatings and we can implement any system you need in your company’s logistics flow. From dollies atypical sized to work tables adapted for small spaces, you can now have exactly the type of product suitable to the working conditions and available surfaces for the fluid, efficient and productive operation.

For complex projects or if you want our assistance, we can analyse the workflow within your company and recommend the most appropriate solutions. After your consent, we will design and build the logistics elements you need of aluminium profile structures, creating a completely customized project for your company.